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About Hamilton's Eggs

You haven't had an egg unless you've had a Hamilton egg! Our eggs are 100% organic, and our hens are fed the best organic feed ingredients produced in the United States. 
Our Journey, How it began
5 generations of Hamilton's

Back (left to right): Richard, Edwin, Dorthy, Casey

Front: Joleah

The poultry business was started in 1946 by Berlin & Dorthy Hamilton, who are Richard's grandparents and Edwin's parents.  They raised between 2,500 and 5,000 chickens from small single story and double deck houses.  This developed into broilers at the start to turkeys, back to broilers, then broiler breeders, and finally, in 2017, both Richard and Edwin began raising layers and contracted with Handsome Brook Farm in New York. Along with Handsome Brook farm, Hamilton's produce enough eggs to supply numerous farmers markets in WV and VA.  This is a brief history of our family farm which we are very blessed.    

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