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Happy hens are able to eat a natural diet that the land offers.  Hens raised at Lonesome Ridge Farm are allowed outdoor access of at least 8 hours daily as long as weather permits. The hens return about 30 minutes before dark. With this diet, a natural diet, our hens are happier and satisfied, producing the highest quality egg!

Not only are the hens organic and pasture raised, they are also humanely treated.  Hamilton's Eggs follow American Humane guidelines.  We abide by the following rules:

  • Hens have plenty of room in the building

  • Air quality is excellent

  • Ample water and feed space

  • At least 6" of perch space per bird

  • Dry litter and appropriate depth

  • At least 15% of scratch area inside the building

  • At least 108.5 sq. feet of outside space per bird

  • Extensive water supply

  • Proper movement and transport of birds

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